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Lawful permanent residence is perhaps the most sought-after immigration status for those seeking to live and work in the United States for the long term. It is also a pathway to U.S. citizenship.

Known informally as a “green card,” permanent residency grants immigrants numerous legal rights. As a permanent resident, you may lawfully work in the United States, sponsor certain relatives to immigrate and travel outside the country for limited periods of time.

How Can You Get A Green Card?

Federal immigration law creates several pathways to obtaining permanent residence. The most common paths include:

  • Family-based immigration: If your spouse, fiance or close relative is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, he or she may be able to sponsor you to also obtain permanent residence.
  • Business-based immigration: U.S. employers may sponsor certain qualifying employees (and their spouses and children) to immigrate. Investors may also obtain permanent residence through a U.S. business venture that includes a minimum required investment and creates a certain number of new jobs.
  • Diversity visa (green card lottery): Certain nationals from qualifying countries may enter an annual lottery to obtain permanent residence.

The process of obtaining permanent residence differs depending on your circumstances. If you presently live in the United States and have a lawful immigration status under a qualifying visa, you may be able to transition to lawful permanent residency while remaining in the country through adjustment of status. Others may have to emigrate from their home country through consular processing.

Experienced Immigration Guidance For Avoiding Pitfalls And Overcoming Hurdles

Determining whether you are eligible for permanent residence – and, if so, which process to pursue – requires a detailed analysis of your situation. Even if you appear to qualify, certain crimes and past immigration violations may become roadblocks, potentially barring you from obtaining permanent residence or requiring that you obtain a waiver.

At Battan Alpert Hutchings LLP, a Colorado-based immigration law firm, we can help you explore your options for obtaining a green card and strategize the best approach for doing so. Lawyer Battan Alpert Hutchings LLP has nearly two decades of experience handling thousands of immigration cases. She is well-versed in the intricacies of federal immigration law and regulations. You can turn to our firm for thorough, detailed and cost-effective legal guidance to help you achieve your immigration goals.

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