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Immigration Law Client Consultations In Colorado

Answering Questions. Clearing Confusion. Creating Strategies.

Immigration law in the U.S. is rarely simple, and immigration challenges can feel even more complex and insurmountable when you are unclear as to your options. At the law firm of Battan Alpert Hutchings LLP, we offer consultations that:

  • Allow you to ask all of the questions you may have
  • Help you understand all of your options
  • Help you to develop a strategy that will help you accomplish your immigration goals

Our consultations generally range from 30 minutes to an hour, but can be (and often are) extended beyond that time to ensure that you feel fully informed regarding your situation. We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

There Is No Substitute For One-On-One Attorney Time

The Internet and other legal sources can provide some answers to immigration law legal challenges, but there is no substitute for meeting one-on-one with an immigration law attorney who has:

  • Handled hundreds of cases
  • Coordinated issues with numerous governmental agencies
  • Advocated for clients in hundreds of immigration law interviews, proceedings and hearings

When you contact the law firm of Battan Alpert Hutchings LLP, you will be able to immediately make an appointment with a skilled and experienced immigration attorney who will sit down with you, listen carefully to your questions and concerns answer your questions, provide counsel regarding all available options and, eventually, guide you through your entire legal process. To schedule your immigration law client/lawyer consultation, contact our firm today.

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If you have immigration law legal questions, contact Battan Alpert Hutchings LLP, to schedule a one-on-one consultation with an experienced attorney. To contact an attorney who speaks English centrally located in Boulder just one block from Pearl and 28th Street, call 866-614-8668.